Weight loss….

Hello friends!

First off.. Happy 4th of July!!!!! We are taking Liam to his first baseball game today! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

I haven’t talked about my weight loss in quite a while so I think I am due for an update. Things haven’t really been going well. But then again I haven’t really been trying to lose the weight.  After this last weekend of trying on dress after dress with no luck, I decided that I want to take my weight loss into my own hands.

So I signed up for Weight Watchers.  I knew that I couldn’t do The South Beach diet, which is how I lost 30lbs the summer after Freshman year of college, because that would require me to diet hardcore, and I cannot justify compromising my milk supply for a few lbs. I am about 17 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. That being said, I had gained a bit and wasn’t really happy with where I was at that time so I would like to shed an additionally 5-10lbs.  That takes me to a grand total of 27 lbs I still need to lose.  Realistically I think that I will be able to lose 22ish more lbs and be very happy, so that is what I am setting my goal at.  22 more lbs.

I know that once I get into the habit of eating better it won’t be hard for me to remain on track.. it’s the initial push to get on the train that sucks.  I need to do it though, because I really hate the way I look and feel, and I know that is affecting the way I interact with my family and friends.

So here I am making a pledge to myself that I am going to stop making excuses and eat better and seriously find time to go for a run and lift weights.

Speaking of running, I signed up for the Marine Corps 10k again!  I am so excited to run this race again. Erik and I will both be doing it for the second year J I love it when he runs with me. The race is on October 27, 2013, and I will be starting my “official” training on September 2, 2013.  This means I have 3 months to get into training shape.  Aka I need to be able to run more than a mile before I feel like I am going to pass out.

I haven’t done this yet, but once I get back into the swing of running I will be signing up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in March 2014!  The reason I have not signed up for this yet is because we just cancelled our gym membership and I need to figure out how I am going to train during the week in the winter.  It will be too dark to run outside when I get home and we really don’t have the room to get a treadmill.  But I think we are going to bite the bullet and look for a treadmill that will fold up and not take up much room.

If anyone has any suggestions please share them with me. Right now I am looking at the Horizon Fitness T202 treadmill.  I don’t really want to order it online because I read that the shipping and set up are a pain the butt, so we are going to go to sports authority and Dicks to see what they have. Sooo if anyone wants to send me a treadmill I would be forever grateful! ha

Anyway sorry for the long winding rant and lack of pictures in this post, but I felt I needed to address my laziness and kick my butt in gear!

I hope everyone has a great day.


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