Weekend Happenings

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We were suuuper busy 🙂  Thursday night we went out to dinner with our friend Brandy and her friend from Randolph, NY (that’s where she is from).  We went to Honey Pig, one of our favorite places to eat!  Liam sat in a boy boy seat for the first time!


He was pretty excited about it.  It was wicked hot in there, and he was super sweaty, but he had a good time meeting Brandy’s friend. Sometime last week (the days all run together now), Liam got his new TOMS.. They obviously match mommy’s IMG_20130717_181105

He tried them on but they are still way too big. Thank goodness because I was really afraid that they were going to be too small and well it would just be a waste of money.  They are suuuuuuuuuper cute.  Both Erik and I had to work on Saturday, fortunately my boss is awesome and I got to work from home.


He had a good time watching me work.  He was so good too, very content on sitting in his chair watching me and playing with his toys.

Later on that day when Erik came home from work, we dressed Liam up 20130720_173433and headed to our friend’s Hoang and Sammi’s house for their son’s birthday party. He partied a little too hard and was passed out when we got home. He didn’t even wake up when my sister took him out of his car seat!

20130720_204329Sunday morning was spent cleaning the house… Erik did the yard work and it took me a good 3 hours to clean the inside of the house, because this little booger would only take 30 minute naps!


Later that afternoon we went over to Luke and Allie’s new place for a housewarming party.  We confirmed Liam’s love for the color red….

FB_IMG_13744329027083762I’m going to pretend that I didn’t give my {almost} six month old a red solo cup.

Michael was there too!  This was amazing because this was the first time Michael and Liam interacted with each other! They talked to each other and had a great time.


We also finally remembered to take a mommy and baby picture 🙂


It was a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait till next weekend….. yes I am already looking forward to my weekend!

I hope everyone has a great day!




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