25 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Oh my oh my 25 weeks πŸ™‚

25 weeks

SEVEN more days until my little man is SIX months old! Excuse me!? I am planning to do a 6 month photo shoot sometime this weekend or next.


Liam has his 6 month check up next Wednesday, so I will wait to post his 26 week post until after I go to the appointment for his stats!Β  I am excited to see how much he weighs and actually how long he is.Β  I feel like he went through a crazy growth spurt the last few weeks.

Also this past week, he started teething! PS it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture… This is as good as it gets.


OY… Let me tell you.. it is NOT fun.. Erik stayed home with him on Friday and he was really miserable, poor little guy.Β  He has been feeling better but I cannot get him to sleep longer than 5 hours at a time at night!Β  I really hope that this is due to teething and not another sleep regression.


He has the best personality.Β  He laughs and smiles at pretty much everything.20130723_063245


I cannot get enough of it.Β  I think about him all the time, luckily I am so busy at work that I don’t have the opportunity to be sad about not being with him. He has FINALLY started loving food!Β  He loved the winter squash I gave him last week and this week we did Sweet potatoes.Β  I haven’t dared trying peas again because he hated them and I know that Caden hates them right, and since they are twinsies.. Liam is going to hate them too.


In the evening I’ve been mixing his sweet potatoes with oatmeal and breastmilk, and he loves it.Β  On Monday, we started giving him 2 meals a day.. My gma or Erik’s mom gives him oatmeal for “lunch”, and when we get home around 5:30-6pm I we give him his veggies.Β  It seems to be working pretty welll. Let me tell you what.. the poops SMELL terrible.. oh my!Β  Last night I told Erik I was going to switch him back to all breastmilk because I couldn’t stand the smell.. haha..


I love my sweet little boy! Oh YA! He is currently learning to play the guitar and piano, thanks to my sissy..

IMG_8925 IMG_0630 IMG_4150 IMG_3904

okie that is all for today!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



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