26 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Little Mr. 26 week/6 months over here

26 weeksSomething I forgot to mention yesterday in my monthly update was that no matter how many toys we get Liam or how fun they are.. he seems to be the happiest when he is chewing on a tag of some sort! Why do kids do that!? haha

20130731_083745The doctors appointment went well yesterday.  The doctor said that his spine was fine and it is not curved at all! WOOT. He said that because Liam’s head is on the larger side he has a slight head tilt and that we can massage his neck to try and relax those muscles. The doctor also mentioned that as he sits up more and is on his tummy more the muscle issue should work itself out. We will still have to keep an eye on it in the next years to come because of the family history of Scoliosis.

He did cry when he got his shots 😦 It always makes me so sad. But when I picked him up he hugged me and I held him tight. So sweet.

We are also allowed to start adding meat into Liam’s diet, but we’ve made the family decision of waiting another few months until we do that.  I think our doctor was under the assumption that we had started him on solids at 4 months like he suggested, but Liam’s only been eating solids for 2 weeks.  He said Liam should be eating about 4-5 oz at a time twice a day!  Insane.. Again we are going to scale that back a little bit and give him about 2 oz twice a day and see how he does.  I will do a complete food post sometime next week (I hope) to hash out more of the details of Liam’s eating habits.  I hope it is helpful to other moms, because I know I ask Erin what she does all the time.

We are so lucky to be surrounded other families going through the same things at the same time. It really helps to bounce ideas off of each other.  I highly recommend getting pregnant around the same time as another friend 🙂 haha. I love my girls 🙂

20130731_101634Liam’s 6 month stats:
-Weight: 19 lbs (75th percentile)
-Height: 28.25 inches (95 percentile)
-Head Circumference: 18 in (93rd percentile)

Our big boy!

Alright well I hope everyone has a great day! I am hoping to have time to write a post about our first week of sleep training tomorrow..


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