Pool and Playground fun!

Hello friends!

More pictures from our mini vacation to the beach!  After our very blistery first day at the beach (we only lasted 20-30 minutes before we packed it up and headed back to the house), we took Liam to the pool.  Michael was kind enough to loan us his floaty while he was taking a nap.

20130815_172446 20130815_171828 My boy sure does know how to relax on vacation 🙂20130815_172451The next day we decided to take the boys to the playground that Erik and I had spotted on our evening walk the previous day, where we took this picture of Liam in his first big kid swing



Liam wanted to show Michael the big kid playground.

IMG_2700 IMG_2716 IMG_2715I think they both enjoyed the swings.  Patti wanted to take Michael down the slide

IMG_2739and we decided to let Liam go down the baby slide by himself.. no jk, haha Erik helped him out

IMG_2735He was more interested in standing on the slide than sliding down it..IMG_2737And what playground trip wouldn’t be complete without climbing a tree!

IMG_2748 and falling out of them.. just kidding, it just looks like they are both falling out of the tree, I assure you they did not.IMG_2752This picture accurately captures both of their faces and personalities.. they are so stinking cute and goofy!





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