Football stud!

Hello friends!

Ahh it is amazing what a nice relaxing weekend can do for the mind and body. We were told to take Friday off because we had completed the last of our work for our “hell month”, so I took advantage of it and spent the entire day with my little man and Ellie 🙂

20130824_09023920130819_205209I started Liam’s naptime bootcamp while I was home and he has been doing really well with it (knock on wood).  I promise I will do a post about sleep training soon, I just don’t want to write it too soon and jinx it. haha. We spent the majority of our day in our pjs 🙂

20130824_091237But eventually got dressed in the late afternoon, after Liam’s second nap of the day, to head to grandma and grandpa’s house.20130823_08283020130823_123015We hung out there until Erik got home from work then headed home for some take out Chinese and a movie.  It was the best night we have had in a long time.

Erik had to work Saturday morning, so Liam and I slept in late.  He sported his brand new RGIII Redskins onesie all day

20130824_093655 20130824_093241 20130824_105254  Sunday morning we rushed around to finish our chores early so we could do a little shopping. We went to target and restocked my non existent fall candle/scent collection

IMG_20130825_124306And a basket for Liam’s ever growing toy collection…

20130825_124623I love that basket!

Man it sounds like we had a pretty boring weekend but it was sometime I really needed to regroup myself. It has been a long and stressful month of August and I am happy it is finally almost over..

Oh ya but not before Erik and I celebrate our FOUR year wedding anniversary on Thursday 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!



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