Nighttime Sleep Training.. for real

Hello friends!

So I think I’ve written like two or three posts about sleep training, but this is the mother of all sleep training. I’ve been reading websites and my book, Health Sleep habits, Happy Child. And we started sleep training the proper way last week.  I feel like I can write about it now because we are a good week and a half in and I have a pretty good idea of what our nights are looking like.  There are still some nights that are not as good as others but we get through them.  I even took notes!

The following is Liam’s new bedtime routine:

6 pm- give Liam dinner
7 pm- nurse
7:15- bath
7:25- story time with dad
7:30- nurse again
between 7:30-8- put him down in his crib awake for the night, sing him a song then walk out

20130819_203044Day 1-8/19/13-

So the first night we put him down for the night at 8pm, he cried for 20 minutes then passed out until around 4:30am (this part needs work still)

Day 2- 8/20/13-

Same thing as the night before

Day 3- 8/21/13-

Put him down for the night at 7:46 pm, he cried for 12 minutes, then played for an additional 8 minutes before passing out at 8:06pm

Day 4 – 8/22/13-

Put him down for the night at 7:35, whined and rolled around then passed out at 7:42pm

Day 5 – 8/23/13

Put him down for the night at 7:33, protest cry for a minute, then whined and played until he passed out at 7:4120130827_064531I haven’t taken any more notes because after that it was pretty much routine, he would protest cry but then fall asleep.  This week so far has been a bit of a challenge because his top teeth are coming in and he is in pain 😦

He still goes to sleep on his own but it takes him a bit longer, and sometimes we have to go in and put his paci in his mouth and rub his back until he calms down.  The key for us was not to pick him up when he would scream and to give him about 20-30 minutes to see if he would go to sleep on his own.

The book I’ve been reading says not to let them cry for more than an hour. I set my max to 45 minutes, and he has been able to fall asleep in that time frame so far. *knock on wood* I hope his teething doesn’t throw his nighttime routine off too much, but we are working through it.

Daytime naps are still a bit of a challenge but I am approaching them the same way.  I will do another post about daytime naps once we get the hang of them.20130827_064950If anyone has any questions shoot them my way and I will do the best to help.

I hope everyone has a great day!



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