7 Months

Hello friends!

This post is a few days late, but Liam is officially Seven months old!IMG_3074

7 monthsThis month we started sleep training Liam and it has paid off.  He is going to sleep on his own at night.  This has made our lives so much easier.  Erik and I can finally spend some time together and eat dinner at a reasonable time.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss nursing Liam to sleep at night because that was our time alone together, but he needed to learn to sleep by himself and become a little more independent.

Speaking of independence, he sat in his first big kid swing as well as pool floaty this month.

20130815_172508 20130815_100528 Liam also took his very first trip to the beach with his friend Michael.IMG_2652He really loved the sand, but was frustrated that it kept falling through his fingers.

Solid foods are going alright.. He still prefers to nurse most of the time, and we still have a hard time feeding him.  His daddy was a bit of a picky eater when he was little, so I am not entirely surprised.  I hope this is just a phase and he grows out of it quickly because I don’t really know how to deal with a picky eater.IMG_3058Liam also learned to whistle this month, and has been making his “blue steel” face everyday.

IMG_2836I am really starting to think about baby-proofing the house, because he is getting more and more mobile everyday. IMG_3063We installed a new camera in his bedroom because the one we had was sitting on his crib and when he would move around at night I couldn’t see him.  The camera we got is the same one that Brandon and Erin have for Caden, it is technically supposed to be used as a home security camera, but we are both using it as a baby monitor.

Home_20130902_11.12.17I also like that this monitor doesn’t interfere with our Wifi signal around the house, even though it is wireless.  We also have it set up so that we can see his room from our phones if we are not at home.  mmm gotta love technology.  Erik is obsessed with this camera and it’s ability to monitor our house/Liam’s room when we aren’t at home that he wants to buy cameras for every room in the house and as a security system outside.

IMG_3084We don’t have any official stats this month because his next appointment isn’t until he turns 9 months old!  He is still in size 3 diapers and is wearing 6-9 month outfits.  I have learned that The Children’s Place’s clothes run bigger than Carter’s, so for footie pjs I just got him some 9-12 month ones.  In the next couple of weeks I will have to go through his clothes and put stuff away.. again! I feel like I just did that!

I also need to call his doctor’s office this week and schedule a time for him to go in and get his flu shot!

Well I hope everyone has a great day!



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