Hey guyS!

Hey hey

My mommy is super busy and this blog has really been lame lately so I am taking over this week.  Or as long as I need to until my mommy has time again.

This weekend my mommy and daddy took me to a piknic? At least that is what they kept saying, I really don’t know what that is, but there were a lot of people there and they were all eating.. a lot. They all seemed to be having a good time.  Hopefully next year I will be able to eat their food and jump in this thing called a “moon bounce”.  That is just confusing to me because the moon is supposed to be in the sky, I just don’t understand how you can bounce on it if it is in the sky.

My mommy took a lot of pictures of me while we were at the piknic.. when she wasn’t eating or talking to her friend Erin (she was really nice, I like her a lot).  This really nice lady at the piknic gave me a super awesome blue Mr. Froggy.IMG_3481

We had a really nice talk, at which point I told Mr. Froggy that I was going to basically chew on him because my teeth were hurting me and he was really soft.

IMG_3484 He didn’t like it, so we got into a little fight, but in the end I won.IMG_3483

IMG_3476I had a really good time. Check out my super awesome shoes, actually just look at my outfit. Despite what my mommy says, I always pick out my outfits, that’s why I always look so sharp.  Well sometimes I let daddy pick my clothes out, because he always looks so dapper.

IMG_3474My hair was a bit of a mess because it rained a little and I got my hair from my mommy, it is starting to get curly

IMG_3472I’ll let you know how I feel about it, once it starts growing out more. Okay well I think I hear my mommy coming, I have to get off her computer.

Have a great day everyone!





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