34 Weeks!


I am 34 weeks old today! Wow, I guess it would be more impressive to me if I knew how to count, or if I had any idea what my mommy was doing every week.

34 weeks

She just takes pictures.. a lot of them.  I can’t lie though because I love having pictures taken of me so I let her do it. I am really trying to learn how to crawl, but I just get so frustrated!  I think walking is going to be easier. I can pull myself up to a standing position, but then I have no idea what to do.


I just fall down, and luckily mommy or daddy are always there to catch me.

I haven’t really been a huge fan of food recently. Mommy started giving me Yo Baby yogurt and I love it so much I won’t eat anything else. oops.  She gets upset with me sometimes, but I can’t help what I like.  I heard her mention that she was just going to get some whole milk yogurt and mix her homemade fruits in there.  I don’t know if I will like that as much but I guess I will try it.


Mommy and daddy took a lot of videos of me this week because my great aunt said that she wanted to see more videos.  She lives somewhere else over the ocean or something, I don’t know.  But here are some of the videos she took of me.  I would like to remind everyone that the camera adds 10 lbs, okay? Mommy tried to give me some broccoli to see if I would eat it, I ate a few pieces but I think I will stick to yogurt

Also I like to make this new noise that my mommy and daddy taught me.  They think I sound like a little piggy

I think it is soooooo funny. I hope you like my videos.

Okay I am going to bed now. I have tons of growing to do!

Have a nice day!


Bye bye

Oh wait look at how cute my doggie is 🙂 I love her

IMG_3571okay BYE

2 thoughts on “34 Weeks!

  1. Brittany says:

    That is such a cute post!!! I hope you don’t mind if my little girl writes a post for me! She is only a few days younger than laim I think. When was he born? Amelia was born February 2.


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