35 weeks

Hello friends!

Our little man is 35 weeks old and he is CRAWLINGGGGGGGGG. As of September 30, 2013, the day he turned 8 months old!IMG_3787He is movin and groovin.. The first video was taken yesterday morning, it is amazing how much progress he made throughout the day!

Please excuse the music.. I had to add it to mask my annoyingly loud voice. Just mute it and watch Liam crawl.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time because we really cannot leave him alone.  He still has been pulling up on things to stand so this crawling milestone makes that more dangerous.  He pulled himself up on his new table yesterday, and fell down and bonked his head 😦 He was not too happy about it.

Also his new found mobility really makes it hard to take his weekly pictures..

IMG_3795You should see the amount of pictures I had to take in order to get ONE good one. Out of control!  I am going to have to get Erik’s help from now on.  Erin said that she brides Caden with Puffs and Cheerios, I might try that if the daddy distraction doesn’t work.

His new favorite hobby is pulling the books off of his shelf


Play with them


or eating them…20131001_104405

He is also really starting to interact more and more with Ella


I think they like each other 🙂 So far anyway.  Ella is such a good girl, we really lucked out!

I should also mention that he now loves food again.  He is eating three meals a day and is loving it. It really must have been his teeth coming in that was preventing him from wanting to eat.20131001_14354720131001_143458

He is the cutest 🙂

Alright well I have lots to do around the house today!  Yes I am home because Congress can’t get their acts together to keep the government open.. whomp whomp. At least I have great company 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


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