36 Weeks!

Hello friends! Little Liam is 36 weeks old today! IMG_3858Taking weekly pictures has reached a new level of difficult

IMG_3877 IMG_3881 IMG_3893

But it is still fun and I can get a few pictures of him before he completely loses interest and wants to roll around.

I cannot believe how big he is getting every single day. I’ve been home with him since last Tuesday so I have a lot more pictures to share this week than I normally do.  Liam has really taken an interest in Ella this week… IMG_3817 IMG_3810 IMG_3811Thank goodness she is an amazing dog and let’s Liam play with her.. aka grab her face.. poor Ella.  When he grabs at her I make sure to pet her and say good girl Ella while he is doing it so she knows that it is okay and he is her family too. Ella has her moments when she is scared of him, especially now that he is crawling all over the place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2m-jJFTvyM Silly puppy.  I also think that we are weeks away from Liam taking his first steps.  He has been pulling himself up onto things since before he could crawl, but now all he wants to do is crawl to a couch, table or mommy and stand up. 20131005_100815 20131005_10080720131005_100515

He stands up in his bed now, which makes it very difficult to let him “cry it out” during naptime. 20131004_163515

Other than pulling up on furniture he does a pretty awesome downward dogIMG_3849 IMG_3845 IMG_3843 IMG_3850  Or some other baby yoga move that has yet to be named.  So yaa….. I think he will be up and walking pretty soon, yikes!

Some of his favorite things to do currently are going to grandma’s house and pulling out all her magazines and ripping them up

20131008_113753Crawling under her couches

20131008_115438 20131008_115430and obviously playing with his books

IMG_3829 IMG_3837He loves talking to his books.. or well I like to think that he is telling me what the book was about. Regardless it is freaking cute and I am happy to have been able to be home with him for this long.

Mommy also likes to dress him up in cool clothes! I hope everyone has a great day!



2 thoughts on “36 Weeks!

  1. Brittany says:

    He is such a cutie! And seriously on the move!!! I can’t believe he’s pulling up like that! My daughter is 8 months and also way into our dogs now. Their bond makes me love my dogs in a totally new way 🙂

  2. Nalini says:

    omg lmao. i love how destructive he’s getting for real. Also love the weekly picture situation. =)) i think the play by play is more entertaining than just the one single put together picture.


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