10 Year High School Reunion

Hello friends!

Last weekend we had our 10 year high school reunion! I will admit I wasn’t 100% excited about it at first because I didn’t really know who would show up, but OMG I am soooo glad we went.  If you didn’t already know Erik and I are high school sweethearts 🙂 so it was fun for both of us to go and reconnect with people we hadn’t seen in over 10 years.

I had some really wonderful conversations with my old friends and I am hoping to continue that contact so we don’t lose touch again.  I loved high school and going to our reunion really made me miss it!  I didn’t take pictures from the night but a few of my friends did, so I am going to steal those pictures and pass them off as my own, jk.. Thanks Linds and Melinda for taking pictures 🙂 1395110_10101339248387369_1585898341_n 1375845_10151755327934506_519780047_n 1383072_10101339246910329_1467853295_n 1383306_10101339249634869_1246942461_n My softball girls 🙂9506_10101339247005139_71700167_n

I really wish I had taken some picture of my own.. sigh.. I hope everyone has a great weekend!  We are taking Liam to his first halloween party and PUMPKIN patch this weekend! Cannot wait!



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