Pumpkin Patching

Hello friends!

On Sunday we went to Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch in Frederick. MD. AS we were walking to the hayride line, we passed a few adorable calves.  Liam screamed.. he was NOT a fan at all. IMG_4100My sister was home this weekend and I am so happy she was able to come with us.

IMG_4102 IMG_4105I love watching the two of them together, he loves all his aunties very very much. We also took the opportunity to take a few family pictures

IMG_4109 IMG_4118 IMG_4141 I love my little family 🙂 We also took a million pictures of Liam next to/ on top of/ or standing near pumpkins..IMG_4133IMG_4161 IMG_4167 IMG_4162 IMG_4188 IMG_4198And yes I planned his pumpkin patching outfit.. 🙂

Oh ya we also put him in a wagon full of pumpkins,

IMG_4208 IMG_4213 IMG_4214He had fun 🙂 Next year he will be able to pick out his own pumpkin!!

I hope everyone has a great day!





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