38 Weeks

Hello friends!

Sorry this post is super late.. Liam is cutting two HORRIBLE teeth and he has a cold.. I’m not sure if the cold is a result of teething or if it’s a legitimate cold.. Either way our little man is miserable 😦

Liam is 38 weeks!

38 weeks

As you all know this week has been pretty busy. We took Liam to his first Halloween Party

IMG_4092and his first pumpkin patch

IMG_4208After the pumpkin patch we watched the Redskins WIN, at which point Liam learned a few things about football.. for instance he learned how to cheer after a touchdown

haha. We have noticed that this week more than anything he is mimicking us. Β I think from now on everyone needs to watch what they say around him because he seems to be repeating a lot of things.

He has been continuing his destructive ways at my mom’s house with the dishwasher

20131018_080451and at ours with his books

20131018_190641When I took this pictures I finally made the connection.. When I was younger I would go to my grandfather’s shoe store and pull all the shoe boxes off of the shelves.. I am pretty sure that is where he got this awesome habit from.. and like my grandfather, I am allowing him to do it. πŸ™‚

We are really struggling with his teeth lately… He is getting his upper lateral incisors and they SUCK.Β  Our poor little guy is in so much pain it is awful.Β  At night he has been waking up every 4 hours, ugh, and unlike normal he can’t fall back asleep for at least an hour because he is in so much pain.Β  I’ve been giving him Motrin before bed and rubbing Benadryl on his gums to reduce the swelling but these suckers are mean…I really hope they cut through soon, because I don’t know if I can watch him be in pain for much longer without having a complete breakdown 😦

Now that he is older he is enjoying his Citrus Lane box


The teether, the drum rattle and Little Yums from Plum organics were his favorite items this month.

I hope everyone has a great day!




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