9 Months!

Hello friends!

A little late but our little mister is 9 months old already!

IMG_4368_2He is changing so much everyday, it is truly amazing to watch.  He is getting better with naps, and we think we have finally found the magic sleep number.  We realize that when Liam sleep a total of 3 hours during the day, he is a TOTALLY different baby.  2.5 hours is okay too but three is the magic number.  I’ve been trying to keep him awake a little longer between naps so that he will be tired enough to take at least an hour and a half nap.  The other day at my mother in law’s house he took a three hour nap, and didn’t nap the rest of the day, but he was in a good mood all day.  Super weird, but three seems to work.



As you can see, he has been wearing shoes a lot recently.  I think they are freaking adorable, which is part of the reason he wears them all the time, but other than that they keep his little feet warm. And since our house is all hardwood, the shoes help him with grip.  He isn’t walking yet, but we are getting close.  He can now stand up by himself for a few seconds.  The more we practice it the better he gets at it.  He has been cruising around the furniture, and crawling up the stairs.


He has been loving food recently, thank goodness!  We’ve been giving him more of our own foods and he seems to like them a lot.  My grandma makes him soup with veggies, lentils, and either chicken or lamb.. He LOVES the lamb soup.  We’ve also been giving him eggs, and he loves tho

IMG_4388I love watching him pick food up and put it in his mouth. The egg yolks are the best because they crumble when he picks them up so he just ends up smashing it into his face.  He isn’t a real big fan of the egg whites, but he eats them sometimes. IMG_4353I’ve been really bad with pictures recently.  #1 it is really hard to keep up with him, and #2 I really am trying to just enjoy the times we all get to spend together.  I will try and remember to take more pictures for next month’s post.


Number of teeth: still only 4 but the other two are still working their way out…
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 12 months
Favorite foods: My grandma’s soups, eggs, bananas, waffles, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin anything 🙂
Likes: Mommy, daddy, Chasing Ella around the house, taking his books off of his shelf, reading, standing, crawling, talking, being nakey, making a mess, laughing
Dislikes: Diaper changes, putting clothes on

I hope everyone has a great day!





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