44 weeks!

Hello friends!

Little man is 44 weeks old!

44 weeks

I can hardly believe that it’s already December! Liam will be a year old in just 2 short months! That seems totally weird.  This week I feel like Liam grew leaps and bounds.  He can now stand unassisted for quite a while, and I believe he is a few weeks away from taking his first steps.

Also this week he learned to say hi! It is the cutest thing ever!  Whenever someone says hi to him he will say it back.  I wish I had a video to share with you all but I haven’t taken one yet.

This week Liam experience his first Thanksgiving. IMG_4739He loved sitting at the table and eating with everyone. He wasn’t a fan of Thanksgiving sides, but did LOVE the turkey.  I couldn’t put it in front of him fast enough.  Our little boy loves to eat 🙂

I also think he is teething again… ugh. I’m not sure which ones are coming in, but he is drooly and always wants to chew on stuff.  I’ve been giving him 3 Hyland’s teething tablets and that has seemed to help him a lot.

By the way, these weekly pictures.. ya I took about 4 pictures because he refused to stay still.  Another reason he is sitting up int he picture because he wouldn’t lay down AT ALL. IMG_4765 IMG_4766This coming weekend we are putting up the Christmas tree! I cannot wait to see Liam’s reaction to it!

I hope everyone has a great day!




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