45 weeks!

Hello friends!

Little mooshy boy is 45 weeks old! Oh my!

45 weeks

This week has been an exciting one!  Liam got his very first cousin!  Baby Archer was born on Monday! I will do a separate baby Archer post later this week.

We put up the Christmas tree this past weekend and when Liam woke up Sunday morning we recorded him seeing it for the first time.

He loves it.  Every time we walk by the living room he says WOW, or ooooooo and cries when we walk away from the tree.   We got Liam a few ornaments this year.  One that I ordered and has yet to come in, and this one..


Baby’s first Christmas with an elephant attached to it, seems fitting :).  I also want to make Liam a stocking.  I don’t like the plain red one I got for him last year, and I am not a huge fan of the prices of lame looking stockings.  I have a few fleece fabrics that I have used and yet to use for his weekly pictures.  I plan on using one of those to sew a stocking for him 🙂

Liam also learned to say “wow” this week, and would you believe it I actually took a video of it

I need to be better about video taping him from now on, because he really is amazing and I never want to forget this time.

He also played in the snow for the first time 🙂

IMG_4873 IMG_4884 He LOVED it :). IMG_4904I took a video of that too!

Three videos in one post.. insanity I know! Well I think that is all for this week.

I hope everyone has a great day!



2 thoughts on “45 weeks!

  1. Nalini says:

    i legitimately can’t handle the ‘wow’ at the xmas tree, and his crazy bedhead. lmao such sleepy face at first. he looks so traumatized during the 1 minute mark of the snow video, lol this was so amazing.


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