46 weeks!

Hello friends!

Little mooshy boy is 46 weeks old already!IMG_4979


I FINALLY got around to designing and ordering Liam’s 52 week fabric 🙂 Thank you Erin for working your photoshop magic to make it happen 🙂

This past weekend we took Liam over to Michael’s house for a Christmas party. It was the perfect opportunity to take their 10 month pictures.  I also realized that I never posted their 9 month photos 😦  I will do a post on that another time.

IMG_4930 IMG_4938 IMG_4939They are IMPOSSIBLE to take pictures of because they refuse to sit still.

Also this week Liam started taking one unassisted step between objects.  I saw him move from the chair to his excersaucer at my mom’s house Friday morning.

IMG_4860I still believe he will take his first steps before the end of the year!

Liam also got to meet Archer this week, unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures.  He was very interested in Archer. I totally forgot how teeny newborns are.  Liam looks like such a big boy compared to Archer.

It’s going to be hard to take a picture of the two of them together until they are both a little older because Liam doesn’t understand how to be gentle yet.

IMG_4992He is also teething again… barf… He now has seven teeth, his right lower lateral incisors came in a few days ago, and now we are just waiting on the left one.  The right one came in unnoticed, he had no trouble with that one at all, this left one suuuucks.

IMG_5062He also started saying “Go” this week.  It’s pretty cute, and just last night I asked him, “Liam what does a duck say?” and TWICE he replied “quack quack” without me prompting him to do it!  It was so cool.  He will also repeat “wow” when he hears it in a song.  I love watching him grow up.

IMG_5066 IMG_5051


He is really the best 🙂 and I love him soooooooooo much. I just want to hug him and kiss his little face all day!

IMG_4966I hope everyone has a great day!



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