48 Weeks!


What a year 2013 was!  This has been my second favorite year 🙂 (first being the year Erik and I got married 🙂 🙂 🙂 )  Hopefully I will get around to doing a “look back at 2013” post.

Mr. Mooshy is 48 weeks old today.  One month until the big FIRST BIRTHDAY!  INSANE!

48 weeksThis picture shows his personality to a T.  I’ve already begun planning Liam’s little monster bash 🙂 Erik and I need to decide if we are going to get a photographer for his birthday party. It might sound a little crazy but these will be his one year pictures, and I would rather be able to enjoy the day with our family and friends and not have to worry about making sure I capture every minute of the day. I am getting the cakes made at Wegmans and I cannot wait!

This week Liam took his first steps!  He has taken one or two steps before but he took about four steps yesterday!  Ugh they were so freaking cute. Once he is more comfortable on his feet I will take a video, but so far he is much happier crawling. He know he can get to where he needs to go faster if he crawls.

The weather was amazing this past weekend and we took advantage of it and took Liam to the park

20131228_130710I’ve also finally switched him over to size 4 diapers.  I don’t know why I didn’t switch him sooner; he has been over the weight max weight for size 3 diapers for a few weeks now. I mean anyone who drives a car like this NEEDs to be in size 4 diapers.

20131229_174851He loves pushing and being pushed in his cozy coupe.

Erik made Liam some waffles for his New Year’s Eve breakfast.

20131231_071128 20131231_071034I think this might have to be a tradition 🙂  Liam LOVES waffles. To be honest Liam loves all food. This morning at brunch Liam ate half of my omelet!  I fear he is going to eat us out of house and home when he is a teenager! haha.

Well that is all I have time for tonight!  I am EXHAUSTED.. P90x3 is kicking my BUTT, but it feels so good.

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful new year!




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