Extreme Home Makeover- Office Edition

Hello friends!

Welcome to another episode of extreme home makeover.  Today we focus on the new office. The previous owners used this room as a bedroom for their son.

IMG_4474We decided it would better suit our needs as an office.  All of our office stuff sat in the upstairs hallway for about two weeks before I got fed up and begged Erik to help me paint and set up the room.  We took turns painting the room because Liam woke up from his nap right in the middle of our painting session. The painting of the room took about two hours. Then we waited…again….another week went by and again I suggested we set up the room  Well it turned out we had left the stupid wall anchors for our desk at the old house and we were out of zip ties.  We wasted a good 2.5 hours trying to anchor the bookcase with fishing line. It was awful.

The worst part.. it didn’t work.  The next day (determined to finish the room) I went to target and got some zip ties, got home and we anchored those bad boys to the wall in literally five minutes.  Long story short we should have gotten the zip ties on day 1 instead of trying to be creative.

And here it is.. the final product.

IMG_5326 IMG_5321 IMG_5324

Erik says the room is “very purple”. I LOVE it, and I love how it matches the purple in the rug!

That’s all we have time for on this episode of Extreme Home Makeover. Tune in next time for Family room shenanigans.



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