49 Weeks

Hello friends!

Sorry I am a bit late with this week’s update, but things have been busy at work. Erik and I have also been doing P90x3 every night after we put Liam to bed, so I don’t have time to blog.  Any other time I have I spend planning Liam’s birthday party!

Anyway! Mr. Mooshy is 49 weeks old!  Four more weeks of pictures. I will continue to do monthly pictures 🙂

49 weeks

This week Liam learned to say Hat, Hot, water (in farsi), and Ava (he says ada).  It’s actually really cute, Liam goes to the bottom of the stairs at my mom’s house, looks up at my sister’s door and says “Ada, ada, ada” until she comes out.

He still isn’t walking, but I’m not too concerned about it. He is too busy chatting up a storm, and crawling around. He will walk from object to object but doesn’t seem very interested in walking to actually get anywhere.


This week he learned to say “hot” and “hat”, which both sound the same, but he seems to know the difference.  I say “Liam where is your hat?” and he starts looking for it and pretends to put something on his head. haha.  When we take bread out of the toaster and we say Liam it’s hot, he will repeat, hot hot.  It is really freaking adorable.

Liam and Michael had another playdate.  This one involved Liam’s new car…

IMG_5403 IMG_5405 They both loved it, Michael got to ride around in the car while Liam pushed him. haha. IMG_5400Then they were both tuckered out


Well kinda haha. I need to make some sort of collage of their first year together! IMG_5409That is all I have to share with you all for this week!

I hope everyone has a great day!




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