50 weeks

Hello friends!

Sorry I am a bit late with this update. We just got back from Florida πŸ™‚

50 weeksI now have to bribe him with food and dangle toys above my head so he will sit still for a second or two. It’s become a wrestling match, one that I almost always lose. I’ve had to call in the dad dancing reinforcement a few times. Those pictures are usually the best ones.

He loves it when we are silly.

20140118_102631 20140118_102627


He took four steps the other day, and we can now hold him by one hand and he will walk next to us. Β He still prefers to crawl.

Liam and Ella are becoming better friends everyday. This week Liam wanted to play with Ella. Seriously the cutest thing ever.

After pulling him a bit hard a few times, Ella finally got the hang of being gentle. Liam will now go to Ella’s toy basket, get the rope out and yell “eh-yee eh-yee”, so that Ella will come play with him. Adorbs.

Also this week we learned to word Truck. Okay kind of. He has a truck book and whenever we say “Liam go get your truck book” He finds his book.

20140115_175911It is amazing to watch him learn and develop.

20140115_180038He also had a low grade fever most of this week and I believe it is due to teething. He refuses to eat anything from a spoon other than yogurt, and is in a lot of pain. 😦 I’ve been giving him motrin at night so he can sleep but try and avoid it during the day.

He also learned how to say water in Farsi, which is awesome because now he just asks for instead of whining. The whining gets old real quick.

20140116_175958-MIXWe also installed his new car seat this week πŸ™‚

20140111_143052Alright well that is all for today.

I hope everyone has a great day.


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