51 weeks!

Hello friends!

51 weeks oh my!

51 weeksWe are back from WARM and SUNNY Florida.  We flew down on Saturday for Sundeep and Nalini’s wedding (post up sometime soon).

Liam did relatively well on the plane considering it was his first time flying!


I haven’t mentioned this before but my milk production is getting lower, so we’ve tried to give him some formula to supplement in the afternoons. Well he drank it once and has refused to drink it since.  I called the pediatrician (again) and asked if I could give him whole milk and unlike the first nurse, the one I spoke to on Sunday said to go ahead and introduce the milk to him.

He is still learning to like it, haha. We’ve been giving it to him during meals instead of water and slowly but surely he is drinking more and more of it.

Another big thing this week. He ate an entire kids meal grilled cheese while we were at Panera.

IMG_5551 IMG_5553Along with a few pieces of chicken and tomatoes from out sandwiches and a few bites of soup.

We also took him to the petting zoo for the first time. He seemed really into the animals and was trying to talk to all of them.



He rode a tractor with the help of dada


This weekend is Liam’s I cannot wait to watch him eat his cake and play with all of the other little kids! I will be taking Friday off in order to prepare for the party.

IMG_5585Alright folks one more weekly post next week to complete 52 weeks of updates. I’m pretty proud of myself for actually posting once a week. I hope to do the same for all of our kids but that might not be possible, we shall see.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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