That time Liam wore a bowtie

Hello friends!

I am sooooooooo behind with posts so bear with me while I catch up the next few days/weeks.

—-Back from 1/22/14—-

As I mentioned yesterday (1/21/14) we were in Florida attending our friends’ wedding!  We flew in on Saturday and basically got our rental car, check into our room at Mystic Dunes resort, ate and went to bed.

IMG_5536Sunday we got up, had some breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (mmmmmmmmm) then went to Target. When we got back, Liam was ready for a nap, so I put him down and he slept for 2.5 hours!  Insane. While he was sleeping Erik and I did out P90x3 workout (yes we’ve made it past 30 days!) and waited around for him to wake up.

The weather was so amazing, and as soon he woke up we fed him lunch and headed out for a nice long walk around the resort.

IMG_5547 IMG_5549 IMG_5546By the time we got back it was time to go to the ceremony. We got ready and headed out.

IMG_5510 IMG_5513Erik and I both wore traditional Indian attire 🙂 It was such a sweet gesture for Sundeep and Nalini to get us our outfits. THANKS GUYS!

I’ve always wanted to attend an Indian wedding, and this one was amazing. Sundeep arrived at the Ceremony venue on a carriage surrounded by family and friends.

IMG_5525 IMG_5520 IMG_5519 IMG_5517 IMG_5531 IMG_5530 IMG_5528They danced down the parking lot to the front of the venue. I was told that traditionally this portion of the wedding could take hours!  Luckily it didn’t because it was getting dark and chilly.

We were a part of a beautiful traditional Indian wedding ceremony, ate dinner then headed back to the resort to go to bed.

The next day was filly with more fun and warm weather. We took Lam to the petting zoo. He really loved seeing all the animals.

IMG_5572 IMG_5577 I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer here so we can do all sorts of fun outdoor activities. IMG_5558 IMG_5559 IMG_5561 IMG_5564 IMG_5566 IMG_5570 Afterwards we came back and got ready for the reception. Oh boy was the venue amazing.

IMG_5603 IMG_5601 IMG_5604 IMG_5606 IMG_5591I’m going to let the rest of the pictures do the talking.  IMG_5609 IMG_5600 IMG_5597 How cute is Mr. Mooshy in his “suit”. That bowtie kills me!

We had a really amazing time. Liam partied hard and slept reallllly well that night!IMG_5616I hope everyone has a great day!




One thought on “That time Liam wore a bowtie

  1. Nalini says:

    omg that random picture of the llama (i have no idea what that animal actually is) in-between liam’s headshots scared the shit out of me. lol ooc.


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