My Birthday

Hello friends!

This past weekend was not only Mother’s day but it was my birthday and it was quite possibly the best weekend I have had in a really long time. I got to spend it with so many of my friends and my wonderful family, it really was special 🙂

It all started at work where my lovely work ladies made me feel so special all day. Erin got me an apple koozie, yes they exist and they are adorable, and took me out to Jimmy Johns for lunch.

20140509_084319Nancy got me a card with really cute bobbie pins and a gift card :). I can’t seem to find the picture of the pins… or maybe I didn’t take one.. typical… Later in the day, someone rings the doorbell at work and I receive this delicious arrangement from J.E.A.N (you know who you are, hehe, thank you again)

20140509_105548In case you are wondering, they were as delicious as they look.  Jen also got me a TOMs gift card, which I’ve already used to get two new pairs of TOMs. Thanks Jen!!!

20140514_180723After a spectacular day at work, I went home and got ready for my DATE with my hubby. My sister came over to babysit so Erik and I could go out to celebrate. We went to McCormick and Schmicks and unfortunately the food wasn’t as great as I had expected it to be and they ran out of some of the things we ordered, but I was on a date with my hubby, nothing could mess it up.20140509_192939Saturday morning was my official birthday :). I woke up to a happy baby, which was nice and we played all morning. My sissy and momma got me a fitbit for my birthday, so she brought that over.

20140512_103937And twinsie got me a backup band!!

20140513_182851After breakfast, Gary came over to build me a gate for our deck,

20140515_06311020140515_063117It took them most of the day to build it but it looks amazing and I am so happy for my birthday/mother’s day gift :). While the guys were building the deck, Richie and Alaina came over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hadn’t seen them in MONTHS. We just sat around and chatted…well actually Liam and Richie played a lot while Alaina and I chatted :). It was wonderful to see them and catch up on life.

After they left, Erik, Liam and I went to Hoang and Sammi’s house for their son Ryan’s birthday party. I took zero pictures. Sorry :-/ But Hoang made some amazing burgers and Sammi’s aunt is an amazing cook.. sooo needless to say I had a delicious birthday dinner! No cake tho :-/ not sure how I managed to go the entire day without birthday cake.. sad times.

10365903_833354950012849_7857426496376966028_nSunday morning we woke up and started cooking food for brunch. I will do a separate post on our Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow! Our families came over and we ate… and ate.. and ate… it was glorious.

10336768_10200915941020847_4399685754548452169_nAfter Liam woke up from his nap, my sister and I took him over to my mom’s house so my grandma could play with him, Erik could mow the lawn (at our house) and my sister and I could clean out my mom’s basement.

20140511_145012The basement was a mess when we were done taking everything out of the storage room, but now my mom can take her time and organize the things she wants and we can make that room a more functional space. I took a few things home…

20140511_152722A car cover (I don’t remember this being mine, but apparently it was) and an awesome pool table/ice hockey/foosball table that used to be my sister’s. Liam and Erik are going to have lots of fun playing with it when he is old enough to see over the table. We cleaned out the room in just under two hours and had to rush home to get ready for our FOUR softball games. We took my sister and Liam with us, thanks sissy for keeping Liam happy.

10371599_10200932114585176_20065353175634122_n 10309659_10200932114065163_2927723886720320172_nHe is going to learn to love baseball!!!

10334394_10200932114385171_7555623649172841978_nHis first little footprints in the dirt! He look so teeny tiny on the field. After our first two games, Erik, Ava and Liam went home for dinner and bedtime. Erik came back (YAY) and played in the last game. Afterwards, our whole team went out to dinner J A fabulous end to an amazing weekend!

I hope everyone has a great day!


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