Caden comes to visit

Hello friends!

See I told you I wanted to blog again 🙂 This post is way way late but Erin took some cute pictures so I wanted to blog about it.

Brandon and Erin wanted to come up to Northern Virginia to go to our friends’ goodbye party (that deserves a separate post, so stay tuned for that one), so we decided to make a weekend of it and asked them to stay with us. Erin and Caden came over Friday after work, and the boys were finally reunited.

They immediately went out on our deck to play with Liam’s water table.

IMAG3735and after dinner, Liam showed Caden his favorite spot in our house. The bay window.
IMAG3747 IMAG3745 IMAG3742 He stands here every.single,day and watches the cars and people pass by. He waves to all of them. IMAG3737_BURST002We put the boys to bed and managed to stay up past 10pm! It was really awesome to sit around and catch up with Brandon and Erin!

The next morning we took the boys to the park by our house. IMAG3756

They played ridiculously well with each other. IMAG3768 IMAG3767 They had fun going down the slide togetherIMAG3764_BURST002 IMAG3763 and of course swinging was a big hit. IMAG3760_BURST003 IMAG3759_BURST001By the time we got back it was naptime.  Once the boys fell asleep Erin and I left the men in charge and went shopping and got lunch 🙂 It is moments like this that make me really sad that we don’t live near each other. I would love to put Liam down for a nap and go grab lunch with one of my best friends. Maybe someday…

I’m not entirely sure what we did after the boys woke up, but I think it involved more playing and eating before Ava’s friend came over to babysit so we could go to Richie and Alaina’s good bye party.

After a long and fun/sad night, we headed off to bed.

The next morning, Erik and Liam went to Eisenstein to get bagels for everyone, Hooray, and after breakfast and Liam’s swim class we headed off to Clemyjontri Park to meet up with Patti and MICHAEL. This is quite possibly the most amazing park/playground I have ever seen.

IMAG3789 It was so awesome to see all three boys together. IMAG3795 IMAG3793 IMAG3792The airplane was Liam’s favorite part of the entire day. We also took a ride on the Carousal but the pictures are on Erik’s phone and I am too lazy to download them. Let’s just say, Liam did not like the Carousal ride.

Brandon, Erin and Caden left after the ride and after about 30 minutes on the swings we headed home too.  It was a wonderful weekend with some pretty wonderful friends.

Thanks for staying with us guys!

I hope everyone has a great night!



One thought on “Caden comes to visit

  1. Nalini says:

    omg the pictures of caden and liam are ooc. they legitimately look like the happiest babies on the planet and like they actually really are bffs! haha i love the picture of them looking out the window!


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