Liam’s Swimming class

Hello friends!

Happy Monday! I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks but I never had any pictures to share, until this past weekend. Erik took swimming class duty so that I could take a few pictures. I apologize if some of these pictures of blurry, I was trying not to get in the way of the class.

I was worried that if he saw me out of the water he would want to come out or make me come in there with him.  But it seemed as though he was having a ton of fun without me 🙂20140720_09480820140720_09494820140720_094905In this week’s class they were working on kicking their legs and reaching with their arms.
20140720_094805I really wish that picture had turned out better because it is super cute.  Then she had them go back into the shallow end for some ring pick up and floating. 20140720_100134The little girl’s mom to the left was jelly of Liam’s ability to pick up his ring! He was doing really well until he discovered that he could put his ring into the pool skimmer.  After that the class went downhill. He wasn’t interested in doing anything else but putting the ring in the skimmer. 20140720_095802Not so happy about laying on his back. haha.

After his class we took him to the playground and let him run around the soccer fields to get him good and tired before his nap.

20140720_104656 I swear if he could be outside all day, everyday he would be the happiest baby on the planet. 20140720_104651We came home, had lunch and he took a nice 2 and a half hour nap! WOOT, parental win!

Questions for you!

1) Swimming class, yay or nay?
2) Any other good classes at the public rec center we should be looking into for the fall and winter?

I hope everyone has a great evening!





One thought on “Liam’s Swimming class

  1. Brittney says:

    Allie did swim lessons for 6 weeks and LOVED it! My only issue was that it was Saturday afternoons, so it kind of monopolized our weekends, so I decided to take the next session block off and will probably do a fall one.


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