Weekend Happenings!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was full of parties, friends and family, just the way I like it! Saturday morning after Erik mowed the lawn we headed to the mall to see my sister, have lunch at the Nordstrom café (amazing by the way) and buy a few clothing items.

After Liam’s nap we went to our first party of the weekend. Liam’s friend Sasha turned 2 this weekend and they invited us over for her party. Liam had a wonderful time with his friends.

20140726_175122 20140726_175346 20140726_175155Towards the end of the party the kids all started chasing each other around this huge tree in the backyard. It was so cute.

20140726_181656Liam would just chase Sasha around. And of course before we left, they had to give each other a hug.

20140726_182451How cute are baby hugs!? They kill me!

Sunday morning Liam had another swimming class

20140727_09471820140727_094744He had a pretty good time, but the water in that darn place is so cold. I put my feet in towards the end of the class and I was freezing, so I couldn’t imagine being in the water the whole time. Poor kids. While Liam napped Erik and I switched his carseat to forward facing. We were really trying to hold out until he was two but he was really really hating being in the car. After many angry car rides we decided that it was safer for him to be happy (and quiet) facing forward than it was for him to be rear facing and me getting really agitated from his constant screaming.

20140727_143153He really likes it and our car rides are so much more pleasant. He looks like such a big boy in his carseat, it makes me sad. Where did our little baby boy go?! Sigh…

That picture was taken on our way to Lauren and David’s house for their birthday BBQ bash. I didn’t take a single picture because well frankly I was too busy stuffing my face with delicious burgers and Mac & Cheese. Thanks to Lauren and David for hosting a delicious party! And happy happy birthday to both of them! We got home from the party and we all passed out. It was a glorious end to another wonderful weekend!

How was your weekend?

I hope everyone has a great day!



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