Lauren’s Bridal Shower

Hello friends!

This past weekend Diana hosting my sister-in-law Lauren’s bridal shower.  It was amazing. Diana is the most talented and creative person I know. She always does such an amazing job, and better yet she always out shines her previous party. I totally blanked and didn’t take my camera so all these pictures are stolen from Diana. Special shout out to Nalini who took a lot of these pictures.

The shower was a “Brunch with the Bride” theme, super fab idea. 10557481_10152206998957051_2774867151830285699_o 10557766_10152206998662051_1612613415352065402_o 10547961_10152206998362051_7174866122132258730_o 10531431_10152206998412051_1095085901267307624_o 10507082_10152206999447051_3226595345347937798_o 10497117_10152206998557051_5568053313510348246_o 10580808_10152206998712051_187692889095293965_oI mean seriously!? This looks like something out of a bridal magazine! 1493468_10152206998607051_179433870475600604_ommmm bacon  1502226_10152206999932051_3118215701352172383_o 10497344_10152206998767051_5340130844431967916_oThe beautiful bride 🙂10505052_10152207001747051_2818469968249591102_o  10511446_10152207000572051_347818883574850812_oand some photobomb action by non other than Aunt Sue!10497149_10152207000637051_689233968115507075_oSome more family and friend pictures!

10448588_10152207001592051_205314660390685742_o 10275438_10152206999997051_992592133588527158_o 1534948_10152207000767051_8652563812790395985_oAnd of course, the lovely bridesmaids plus Lauren’s friend Victoria

1907878_10152207002417051_8003217885407007043_oI love this girl so much! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2 months Lauren!

10506708_10152207001182051_1836931407432513253_oI hope everyone has a great day!


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