Liam goes to the Dentist

Hello friends!

I will post my 15 week update tomorrow 🙂 I have a lot I wanna talk about so it has taken me a little while to get my thoughts together (blame the preggo brain). Anyway, I took Liam to the dentist for the first time yesterday and it was… well it was awful.

He was in a great mood when we got there and he was playing with all the trucks, but that happiness didn’t last too long because as soon as we were called in he was worried.

dentistIn hindsight I should have prepared him more for what was about to happen but I figured well he is almost 19 months old he isn’t really going to understand what I tell him. As soon as we walked into the room he started whining. The dentist lady was awesome. I chose to take him to a pediatric dentists office to make it a little easier on everyone.

He was laying on top of me and I had his legs between mine and his arms pinned down. Honestly I think this is why he was so upset. He doesn’t like having his arms and legs pinned down (I don’t think anyone does).  So he screamed, and cried while she was checking his teeth. He cried so much he was soaked in sweat when all was said and done.  Poor baby.

She flossed his teeth and gave him fluoride.  She also told me that most kids get cavities on the back of their front teeth. Weird right? We made sure to brush that area last night. She also said to limit the amount of crackers and carby snacks we give him because they are just as bad as sugar for teeth. She says they get stuck in their teeth and cause cavities. Go figure!

Hopefully the next time we go back it won’t be a bad as it was this time.

I hope everyone has a great day!



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