16 weeks!

Hello friends!

How is it that I am already 4 months along!? Man time does fly by.  We have finally decided what we are going to do with Liam’s big boy room transition, but I feel like that needs it’s own post. Now we just have to get to Ikea to buy the stuff and start decorating.  I think we are going to hold off until around October to start putting him room together (mainly because we have 5 weddings to attend and buy presents for in the next month and a half!).

IMG_6411Look at how little and young I was two years ago. My belly is definitely bigger already. Looking back at pictures I don’t think my belly was this big until I was at least 20 weeks along last time!

16 weeksThis week, Patti and I went to the outlets (with the help of our personal shopper Ava) to buy some maternity clothes. I am pretty excited for all the things that we bought, too bad its 95 degrees in September right now?!  Hopefully things will cool down in the next week or two and I can start wearing all my cool clothes.

Don’t be fooled by these pictures, it was 90 degrees yesterday and I was miserably hot, but I HAD to wear one of my new outfits for my picture.

IMG_6416Everything hurts. Like seriously, all my joints and muscles hurt. I blame myself for not getting back into shape after Liam was born.  I was in such good shape last time that even though I gained a lot of weight I had muscles to support it.  This time, not so much.

IMG_6414  Reading back on some old posts I can happily say that I am far less emotional this time around. I don’t cry at the drop of a hat, which I am sure Erik is really happy about :).  I do feel like I am already starting the nesting phase. I just want to get all these projects done around the house, it’s making me crazy! There is a lot of painting that I want to finish up (don’t worry I have a mask).

I also think I’ve decided on a double stroller.  The Baby Jogger City Select in Teal. At first I thought I wanted the Britax B-Ready, but when I looked at more pictures I realizes that it didn’t have the most desired position, the infant car seat facing me and the child seat facing out. The B-Ready only offers options where the older child is basically sitting on the ground, behind the upper car seat. It is just bizarre.

strollerSo yes I want that one. Now I just have to start saving money for it! Perhaps I better start selling my photographs again. I will figure something out! I think that is all for now!

Spark notes version:

How far along? 16 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Purchased and wore one outfit yesterday because I wanted to.
Stretch marks? not yet
Symptoms:  None :) other than getting up to pee at night!
Best moment this week:  Going shopping with Patti and Ava
Miss Anything?  Yup.. Beer again
Movement: Sometimes I think I feel it, but nothing official yet.
Food cravings:  nothing! Weird right?
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Well sometimes just weird smells make me gag.
Have you started to show yet:  Ya I would say so
Gender prediction:  girl, most def
Labor Signs: nada
Belly Button in or out? inny
Mood:  Happy 🙂 
Looking forward to: Out 16 week appointment tomorrow!!! Hopefully I can schedule my 20 week ultrasound to find out what we are having!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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