17 weeks!

Hello friends!

I am 17 weeks as of Sunday and feeling pretty good!IMG_6422Actually, I feel so good I am in full nesting mode ALREADY! Looking back on my last weekly update post for 17 weeks, it seems like nesting hit me around this time too. Erik was gone this past weekend at David’s Bachelor party and I took the opportunity to paint a few rooms. On Friday night I finished the last two walls of our room and Saturday morning, my cousin and mom came over to move the furniture back and lay the rug down.

IMG_20140906_092141_nopm_I need to find something for the space above our bed but I am still pinteresting ideas. Saturday night Katie came over to help me paint the hallway. We really had an awesome time, oh and she brought me a frosty (I love her). Twinsie (Erin) helped me pick out this front console table:IMG_20140907_095645_nopm_I lurve it. So yes, I painted and put together a console table (screwed the legs on) this week. I also started feeling our little nugget move.

IMG_6424It’s not a constant movement yet but I definitely feel him/her move after I eat something really sweet. It is still just as exciting the second time around! Also this week, I had a typical emotional pregnancy meltdown. Erik and I were watching Guilt Trip, and if you have ever seen it you might understand why I got so emotional (probably not), but anyway, it was at the end of the movie where it gets all sappy and the mom says how much fun she has had with her son and how he loves her and blah blah. Well I started crying… Like legitimately devastated that Liam was growing up. Similar to this little girl:

Poor Erik, he really is the best. I got over it in about 20 minutes, and then started laughing about it, but it was pretty bad at the time. Okay now I sound like a mental patient. Awesome.

17 WeeksOther than that instance of being insane, I’ve been doing pretty well (perhaps the people around me, especially at work, have a different opinion, but I’m trying to keep it together!). OH YA, I almost forgot. That table I ordered from Target for our front foyer, well I shipped it to our old house. Saturday morning I realized that the delivery confirmation said it was delivered Friday night at 4pm. Well it wasn’t sitting outside our front door, so I checked the shipping address and realized that I was in fact an idiot and had sent it to our old house. Luckily, we live pretty close to our old house so I went over there and picked it up. But man was I freaking out.

Okay enough rambling for today!

Spark Notes Version:

How far along? 17 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes finally cool enough to wear some of my new clothes!
Stretch marks? nope
Symptoms:  Ugh my hips and lower back have been KILLING me
Best moment this week:  Totally not baby related, but the HOKIES win over Ohio
Miss Anything?  Beer. That is all.
Movement: Yes! I feel little movements!
Food cravings:  Chocolate Chip cookies, warm ones
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really
Have you started to show yet:  Oh ya
Gender prediction:  Girl all the way.. We find out in 24 days!
Labor Signs: nada
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood:  Happy
Looking forward to: Decorating Liam’s big boy room

Have a great day everyone!



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