Sarah and Joey get married!

Hello friends!

10628454_10102818729809723_3269957039937597520_nThis past weekend my good friends Sarah and Joey tied the knot, surrounded by their friends and family with amazing weather and a beautiful backdrop.

10671364_10102818730862613_2867915169238374066_n 10632871_10102818730942453_4654313496659410553_nOh man these two! I love them so much. Sarah was the receptionist at my previous job and Joey was one of my coworkers.  As soon as I got to know Sarah I knew her and Joey would be perfect for each other. The problem was that neither of them wanted to admit it for the longest time.  10689747_10102818729645053_5392352615715974304_nI had many heart to heart conversations with Sarah before the two of them actually started “officially” dating. I’m not going say that I am responsible for bringing them together, but you can read between the lines. 🙂 10685610_10102818729719903_4588571486795521442_nWe dressed Liam up in his finest wedding gear, and took tons of pictures

10653808_10102818729350643_5922033740697773356_n  And yes the bus also attending the wedding.10665207_10102818730987363_7084197285445107906_n My friend Rose took some pretty awesome family pictures for us.

10632711_10102818730228883_4709416274783290174_n To include my very favorite picture of Liam and I.

10653879_10102818730702933_1212491838225668437_n I realized that I did not take a single picture with Sarah and Joey!!! WHO DOES THAT?! I did however, take a picture with my other two favorite people from my last job, Kim and Rose.

10626463_10102818731112113_6189160383011696665_nWe all had a great time and Liam enjoyed watching everyone dance. I tried to get him to dance but he was sooooo exhausted that he just wanted to be held the entire night. 10665176_10102818731646043_2253761968760135041_n10653462_10102818731481373_7101711712234856363_n Thank you Sarah and Joey for including us in your special day! Have a great honeymoon!



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