Kelly and Ty’s wedding!

Hello friends!

Okay I lied last week when I said I would write a blog post about the wedding by the end of the week. To tell you the truth, I spent all of last week recovering from the wedding. We had such an amazing time while we were there. Erik and I are both so grateful to have been a part of Kelly and Ty’s wedding weekend. We met some incredibly awesome people, both family and friends of Kelly and Ty, who we will never forget and will hopefully, keep in touch with. Thank you all for welcoming us into your circle of friends with open arms. And now the moment you all have been waiting for, pictures!

Erik and I arrived Thursday morning and met up with Rosie near Boston University. I had made plans to meet one of my besties Melissa for lunch so we went to Qdoba and took some pictures afterwards.

20140918_124758 20140918_124745I wish we could have spent more time in Boston with Melissa but we were on a pretty tight schedule to get to New Hampshire to help with last minute wedding preparations. We arrived in New Hampshire and the tent was already set up but we needed to do a TON of last minute decorating. It was really fun to be a part of all the pre-wedding chaos.

1150859_10102836716653943_5505681332418979055_n 10521791_10102836717656933_6465456398271697346_nFriday was also spent getting things done around the house and barn before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I didn’t take any pictures during the rehearsal dinner, well actually I did but it was on Amber’s camera and I am too lazy to download them from Facebook.

Saturday was WEDDING DAY! We got up really early and Ty made us all Egg sandwiches for breakfast before we headed down to the farm to finish up a few more decorating elements.10440166_10102836725161893_3096434787945034505_n

10660255_10102836724188843_4216737125651901204_n10635908_10102836723914393_5252553330989113487_n 1908431_10102836724463293_3780482786817983586_nThen we went and got our hair done10612655_10102836716708833_7191994089745788225_n

And headed back to the house to get ready for the big event! 20140920_133757 20140920_140810

We took a sweet hayride up to the ceremony site,10368380_10102836718644953_6339488411700466457_n

walked down the aisle and waited for Kelly’s arrival.10247267_10102836719044153_8755745638425232578_n 1937477_10102836719518203_4779858132610892007_nThis was the point when I completely lost my composure and started crying, and when I say crying I mean crying. Luckily Aunt Jane had a good supply of tissues to help me out. I watched one of my very best friends walk down the aisle with her dad to marry her best friend. It was such a wonderful moment for me.

10698612_10102836720057123_6825420254706507110_n 10629775_10102836720576083_5619987695240781175_nWe took loads of pictures before heading back down to the farm for the reception.

20140920_161424 20140920_161413 20140920_161312 20140920_160254 10712905_10102836722806613_5873084498894693424_n 10665327_10102836721993243_6343976786320465653_n 10636064_10102836723280663_860417958606658882_n 10612921_10102836722287653_2337970568141513992_nThen… we partied like rock stars!10666053_10102836728570063_1497217158681102645_n 10689794_10102836727192823_660279718544752870_n 983807_10102836728734733_6715836271083082368_n 10383963_10102836727676853_4624586897942005460_n 10616537_10102836725401413_5271161399074505833_nAgain, thank you Kelly and Ty for an amazing weekend!

20140920_161530I hope everyone has a great day!




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