Fairfax Fall Festival

Hello friends!

As I mentioned yesterday this weekend was jammed packed full of fun!

Saturday morning was yucky and rainy, but the afternoon thankfully cleared up so we ventured out to the Fairfax Fall Festival. Liam took his first ride on a bus, 20141011_153446and dispite the look on his face he was actually really excited to be on the “cool bus”. When we got there, we met up with Patti, Ramsey and Micheal and headed straight for the fire trucks. Actually we were just walking down the street and I swear Liam spotted them from the top of the hill. The firehouse was having an open house so they let the kids get climb into the firetruck and go into the fire station.

20141011_155055He was more excited to get into the drivers seat, 20141011_155423 20141011_155428and yes he actually screamed and cried when I made him get out so the other kids could have a turn. Great news for Liam, the teacher at his school told me that they will be getting a visit from the fire truck this week! After the fire trucks, we headed to the carnival section of the festival. We learned that waiting in line with a toddler is not so fun…. He really wanted to get on the train, we I told him if he wanted to go he had to wait in line.  Negotiating with a toddler is a lose lose situation. We did it, and he absolutely LOVED the train ride.

20141011_162210 20141011_162443 20141011_162440And yes he cried when the ride was over and we had to leave the train.

One of the only rides that didn’t have a line was this weirdo playground thing.. well at least I thought it was a playground with a slide.. I was wrong, there was a ball pit and a really steep climb up to the slide. He didn’t make it past the ball pit. It was his first time in a ball pit, he seemed to enjoy himself.

20141011_163038 20141011_163042I’m thinking for Christmas, I will add some ball pit balls to his wishlist and fill the pack n play so he can play in there. Much cleaner!

After the ball pit fiasco (he got stuck in there and Ramsey had to go in and rescue him), we headed over to the fun slide, where Erik captured the most EPIC photo ever…

10672329_10101731130163086_2056131476845431340_nI cannot stop laughing at that picture. I was actually really terrified, that slide was really fast. The sign did say, no pregnant women… oops. Liam wanted to ride the slide 100 more times, so being the amazing daddy that he is, Erik took him up and down the slide at least 6 times. 2014-10-11

He was absolutely exhausted when we were leaving

20141011_173541that dazed look is the look of a successful day at the fall festival!

Tomorrow I will share our day at Cox farms!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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