Lauren and David’s wedding!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! This weekend was all about my sister (in-law) Lauren! She married her best friend on Saturday in one of the most beautiful weddings I have been a part of. We had waaaaay too much fun; we are still all recovering. The festivities started Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, where we enjoyed way too much food and the best type of family bonding. I really love weddings because they bring families together and really put everyone in a great mood.10711010_926722720676071_3629814393679547842_n10703689_926722740676069_4613313338415702527_nThe venue was beautiful and the weather was perfect, well most of the day, it got a little colder as the sun went down.

My boys were looking handsome, as always.

1016909_926722797342730_5990384945794608047_nI didn’t look half bad either, considering I am as big as a house right now.1798955_10204986188037044_6047283558699976471_oLiam was freaking adorable walking down the aisle with the flower girl. At one point he stopped, turned around and started looking for airplanes in the sky. It was awesome.

10593068_926722960676047_2730707513258333173_n He was really good, better than I had expected him to be. He stood in front of me the majority of the ceremony, but being a toddler, he was bored and started walking back and forth from me to grandma, crunching leaves.

10505322_926722860676057_4713688655877599339_nWe all started crying the moment Lauren walked down the aisle.

10580140_926723120676031_2458010694966960934_nAnd for good reason, look at how beautiful she is.

10404292_10205028827625354_1638912398090168866_n 10746_926723160676027_2276299771290264098_nI can’t wait to see what the professional photos look like, because there were some pictures where it looked like Lauren was straight out of a bridal magazine.  The reception was beautiful. I am a little biased as the colors were verrry similar to those of my Alma mater 10600660_926723617342648_2948211708586294742_n 1555308_926723610675982_4817202434370497261_n10708653_781694245209656_5880012100164032139_oAfter the speeches, David had a surprise no one really knew about.  He sang to Lauren, in front of everyone. It was by far the sweetest thing I have ever seen in a wedding or really ever in real life.  It was like something out of a movie. 1378802_528548553245_1110195177589896285_nI cried SO SO SO SO much. I actually don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. It was amazing.

After all the singing, speeches and food, we partied… all. night.. long

1891021_926723927342617_3658063917728506437_nAnd of course, what is a wedding these days without a silly photobooth.

I love my family 🙂10257894_10102917383990953_8181645886133789635_n

1779149_10102917382189563_626012317879648269_nI hope everyone has a great day!




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