New mom questions and fears (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Hello friends!

Thank you for everyone who read my post and entered in the giveaway. Your comments were amazing. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the new mom fears and advice I have posted them here! But first.. The winner is……..

winnerCongrats TWINSIEEEEEEEEEEE.  I will pass your information along to Heather who will send you your gift card!

And now on to the amazing advice from my amazing friends!

Sara: My biggest fear actually was not with raising my child but the delivery. How crazy is that when I am a labor and delivery nurse. Having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly I had so many expectations built up about how Emily should come into this world. Of course she didn’t come the way I planned and part me still struggles with this, but I know it was what was needed. It was the true start to motherhood I think for me that I needed to realize the rest of my life might have routine but won’t always go to plan.

Patti: To pick only one of the trillion fears I had is hard. They are just so small and fragile when they come out, how will I know what to do if they can’t make any requests? But really the biggest fear was a general “will I know what to do and when to do it?” I didn’t want him sitting in a dirty diaper, ever be hungry, not get enough sleep or sleep too much or lack in human contact. Turns out all of these things tend to take care of themselves and in reality the hardest part are things I never even thought would happen to my little boy. So you can worry all you want but as the saying goes “worrying is like a rocking chair, it will keep you busy but not get you anywhere”.

Abbie: Biggest Fear: being a good mom. Sounds ridiculous, but everyone’s definition of “good mom” is different, and I just want my kids to say I was a good mom when they are older! Advice: trust your instincts! You will generally have an idea of what you need to do and you will hear so much conflicting advice from all other moms out there; it gets overwhelming really fast. You are doing a great job!

Sarah: My biggest fear is knowing what to do! There seems like so much to stay on top of and so many different avenues you can take that it’s pretty overwhelming. I guess my advice (to myself and others) is to be kind and patient with yourself!

Erin: My biggest fear the first time around was just not knowing what to do. And it’s still kind of the same the second time around because every baby is different and has totally different issues. I would just say don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s good to have friends with babies/kids so you can pick their brains when you’re desperate.

Stephanie: My biggest fear was going into labor. I was so scared I wouldn’t know I was in labor or that there would be a terrible snowstorm (we were in Blacksburg) and we wouldn’t be able to drive to the hospital. Somehow I convinced my Doctor to induce me over a week early which was amazing and really calmed my nerves. After my first was born the next biggest fear was what in the world to do when he cried. I really had no clue and the first time he cried I was terrified. Why I hadn’t thought about this before his delivery… I have no idea! My advice to new moms is try not to stress over too much. I think moms are always comparing their babies to other babies or even their own other children and then also comparing themselves to other moms. It’s really not healthy and doesn’t really help anything. I believe that if you spent that time really being in tune with your child you would worry a lot less about milestones and accomplishments and enjoy the ride a lot more.

Tiff: So many fears, so little time! I worry about every.little.thing. But my biggest fear is that he’ll hurt himself in some way. They’re so tiny, and so stinkin’ fragile!

It is good to hear that most moms have the same general fears and the advice was right on point! Everyone always wants to give new mom’s advice on what kinds of diapers to buy, which stroller is best, what to feed them, etc., rarely do people just give generic “Hey its going to be okay” advice, and sometimes we just need that. It is easier said than done, I know, I’ve been there, and most likely I will have the same fears this time around. But now I know that it will be okay. I will be able to sleep again, I won’t lose contact with the outside world, and yes maybe, just maybe I will be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again.

I hope everyone has a great day!



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