Pumpkin carving 2014!

Hello friends!

Sunny and Diana hosted our annual family pumpkin carving shindig this past weekend, and it was amazing. Diana made an amazing butternut squash pasta dish, of which I had too much of, and we carved pumpkins. This year Erik’s mom had to work, so his dad came over and carved his first pumpkin with us!

20141026_191332We do the same thing every year; pick out the hardest designs which seem like a good idea at first but towards the end when you feel like your arms are going to fall off you just want to throw the pumpkin on the ground and shout “CARVE YOURSELF DAMN IT”.

Erik chose another scary pumpkin this year, and it turned out pretty awesome.

20141026_191353Lauren and David’s pumpkins:20141026_191339 20141026_191412Diana’s pumpkin:

20141026_191345Erik’s dad’s pumpkin:

20141026_191407Anya’s pumpkin:

20141026_191421And last but not least, my pumpkin, who I have named “Kitty-Hotey”

20141026_191400Who is some sort of Pirate cat thing.

We all had a great time carving pumpkins and hanging out with family. It will be even more fun in a few years when the kids can help carve pumpkins!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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