25 Weeks!

Hello friends! Holy cow 15 more weeks until we get to meet our little girl! My belly is getting bigger and bigger every day and I love it!


This time around I’ve only gained 18 lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy (WOOT), so I am hoping taking the weight off and getting back down to my pre-Liam pregnancy weight will be a little easier. I know it’s going to take some time, but according to Erin, chasing a toddler around and taking care of a newborn is a great workout!

25 Weeks

According to babycenter and almost all the things that I have been reading, the third trimester starts in TWO WEEKS. And then the slow marathon race begins! Somehow I feel less prepared this time around than I did with Liam. At this point last time we already had Liam’s nursery set up and ready to go; this time not so much. We did go to Ikea last night and purchased all the things we need to start setting up Liam’s new room, so I feel a little better. On Sunday, I went through all of Liam’s baby clothes, organized them and pulled out anything that I felt we could use for our baby girl. I ended up with a trash bag worth of stuff, consisting mostly of white onesies; looks like we have a lot of clothes shopping to do. Perhaps I should have gotten some more gender neutral clothes the first time around.


Who am I kidding; I am going to love shopping for her! I also realize that I need to start working on the artwork for her room. I need to get canvases, paint and GLITTER! Gotta have gold glitter. Hopefully I will get to that sometime soon and I will do an update post! Annnd that is all I have for you all today!


Spark notes version:

How far along? 25 weeks!
Maternity clothes? yessss
Stretch marks? I can’t see any this week.. so weird
Symptoms:  hip and back pain, and some mild heartburn
Best moment this week:  taking Liam trick-or-treating
Miss Anything?  Honestly, nothing
Movement: getting stronger and stronger kicks everyday
Food cravings:  nothing really.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nada
Wedding Rings on or off?: on
Have you started to show yet:  yes
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs: none!
Belly Button in or out? Inny still. I am convinced my belly button is going to pop out this time
Mood:  Happy
Looking forward to: Putting together Liam’s big boy furniture

I hope everyone has a great day!


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