Canvas Artwork!

Hello friends!

Thanks for putting up with my lack of blog posts the past few weeks. This week I’ve been working on some decorations for baby girl’s room. Thank goodness things are starting to come together even though we are far from being ready for her to come. Little by little we will get there, I do have three more months, eeek!

I mentioned a few weeks back how I wanted to make these for her room

nursery decorVia pinterest nursery decor2more pinterest

and I finally got my act together and went to the craft store to get stuff. I started out by taping off the canvases and painting them three different colors

2014-11-15I almost thought to keep them like this because they looked so awesome, but I didn’t. I printed off the shapes I wanted to put on the canvases and traced them out. Then I painted some glue inside the shapes and threw on a TON of glitter.

20141118_201408 20141118_201404Anchor, sail boat and starfish. I could not WAIT to shake of the extra glitter to see what was underneath.

20141118_214754They need a little more work before I feel like they are ready to be put on the wall but this is what they currently look like. I am thinking I need to buy some sort of finishing spray to put on top of them so the glitter doesn’t fall off all the time. Any suggestions?

Let me know what you think! I can’t wait to start Liam’s wall art projects!

That’s all for me today!

I hope everyone has a great day!


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