Preview of Maternity/Family pictures

Hello friends!

I promise I will do a 28 week update soon, but first I wanted to share a few pictures my good friend Nalini took this weekend. We have been trying to play a picture day for Months, and we finally found a time when we were all available.  This past weekend Nalini woke up super early to take our family/maternity pictures.  I am forever grateful for such a wonderful friend, not only because she took pictures for us, but because she truly has an amazing heart.  🙂

Enough words, onto our pictures 🙂

10633547_10152817475952040_4695393149161630123_o 10269275_10152817476172040_7789859833445967106_o 1497959_10152817481022040_4179484388534128815_o 885513_10152817481997040_6165799833177705564_o  IMG_7206_2 IMG_7186_2_2 IMG_7186_2I love my little family so so much, and I cannot wait until February to meet our little girl.

241130_10103002910520103_4421094824527156936_oI hope everyone has a great day!




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