28 weeks!

Hello friends!

Checking in here with my 28 week post!

10269275_10152817476172040_7789859833445967106_oThis has been a very productive week in room decorating. You saw my post last week about the decorations for baby girl’s room, but later on in the week we made some more decorations for Liam’s room. I am almost ready to give you a big boy room tour, but that might have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

10633547_10152817475952040_4695393149161630123_oI know we will be really busy this week trying to get stuff ready to have family over for dinner. I feel totally unprepared for Thanksgiving this year and I hate it. I am hoping to get my S together this week and get some stuff ready for the holiday.

This week I felt baby girl hiccup for the first time! And actually reading back on my post from last pregnancy, this is the same week  I felt Liam hiccup! Tooooo cute. The sciatic nerve pain I felt last week has been a lot better this week. I have no idea why but I am NOT complaining.

No comparison picture this week, because well I got lazy. This is what I looked like last time at 28 weeks.


Now when I look at this picture, It looks like my belly is smaller this time around than last. I guess my belly got big quickly and has stayed relatively the same over the last few weeks. I have my glucose test and 18 week appointment next week, so I will most likely post my 29 week update after that.

I hope everyone has a great day!



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