One Month Old!

Hello friends!

Sorry this post is a day late, but baby Quinny is already a month old!

DSC_0152She is still so teeny tiny, but growing really well.  The first few weeks were really rough, between having a toddler act out because he is adjusting and living with a newborn again, things were looking grim. She slept really well during the day but when she was awake all she would do is scream.2015-02-26I have no idea why she did this, but I am very happy to say that she grew out of it.  Now we get periods of her being awake where she is making silly faces at us.

2015-03-03She even smiles a bit

DSC_0142Thank goodness because I was beginning to think that she was a very serious baby. She is eating really well and sleeping pretty regularly. This week I plan on starting naps in the crib and hoping to move her into her bed at night by the weekend if all goes well. We have been putting her to bed around 9 each night and she wakes up around 12 or 1 to eat, change, burp then goes back to sleep until around 4, change, eat, burp, repeat. I am really hoping she will find a way to sleep from 9 until 4 or 5 am by the time i go back to work.

I won’t have the luxury of being home during the day to do my workouts so I will have to do them before I go to work.  Ideally she would wake up around 430, and go back to sleep so I can do my workout before everyone else wakes up. That is the plan, we will see how that works out.

She hates the paci, just like her brother, and will only suck on it for 2.5 second before she realizes that there is no milk coming out of it and she shoots it out of her mouth like it is on fire. Oh well, now that she isn’t screaming all the time I don’t mind that she doesn’t like it.

2015-02-17Liam and Quinn had their check ups on Monday, and while it was a COMPLETE disaster to take both kids by myself, we all came out alive and we are better people for it.

In between the screaming and crying I managed to ask the doctor about her constant spitting up and he said that it was probable because I am producing a lot of milk.  He said it was because my kids are so close in age, that my body already knows what it is doing and its just going to town. He didn’t say it like that but you get the point. I’ve been trying to slow her eating down and that has seemed to help a lot. I am curious to see how she does with the bottle.

Okay well here are her One month stats!

One Month stats:

Head Circumference – 15 (75% percentile)
Weight – 8 lbs 1 oz (25% percentile)
Height – 22 inches (75% percentile)

She is my little string bean! Here’s to hoping she starts getting chunky legs soon!





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