6 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Princess Quinn is 6 weeks old already!


She is such a character. She makes a lot of goofy faces all day, most of them are serious faces though.

20150312_090038 20150312_090020 20150309_150517 20150309_150413

The most animated faces I get out of her are when she is sleeping, or well fighting sleep.

20150313_072243 20150313_072221 20150313_072201 20150313_072101 20150313_072032 20150313_072244

She is so silly. I wish she would smile more when she is awake, because she has a pretty cute toothless smile going on right now ๐Ÿ™‚

This week, while Erik was at home depot, I ventured out for a walk with ALL the kids, yes all, even Ella!

20150308_165941It was awesome, everyone cooperated and everyone was happy. It went so well I decided to do it a few more times, it feels so good to finally get outside in the sun! I know that Ella is loving it.

Sleep is going pretty well, I think. The past few nights have been a little rough, she goes to bed at 9:30, and sleeps till about 12 or 1, wakes up, diaper change, eat back to sleep. ย That session is fine, I can fall back asleep no problem, it’s the next one that is awful. She wakes up again at 3 am, and will not fall back asleep. This happened twice, and both times after an hour I went into our room and begged Erik to try to put her back to sleep. ย Needless to say we have both been pretty cranky the last few nights. I really hope that she doesn’t keep this habit up because when I go back to work…. I cannot be that tired.ย 20150312_130411

Tummy time is another trouble spot in our lives. The last few times I’ve tried to do tummy time have ending like this

20150309_090248 20150309_090321

She didn’t even try, totally gave up and fell asleep. Oh well we will keep trying.

Alright well that is all I have for you today. Tomorrow I will share my huge diet change. I am pretty excited about it. Stay tuned!

Week 6I hope everyone has a great day!



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