8 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Oh my, little Quinn is 8 weeks old already!


I am happy to announce that sleep has been going a little better this week! We have been trying to establish a bedtime routine with her, and I think that has been helping. It is really hard to stick to a routine with her because we have to get Liam to bed, but we are trying.


Sunday night we gave her a bath, a 2 oz bottle, and I nursed her for a few minutes until she passed out at 8 pm. I was sure she would wake up at 10 wanting to eat again, but she slept until almost 2!  Woke up, ate then went back to sleep until 4:20 am. Not sure why she wakes up more frequently as the morning draws near, but that is how it’s been going.

Monday night (starting at 8) we didn’t give her a bath (poor life choice), a 2.5 oz bottle and I nursed her for almost an hour… She would fall asleep, then as soon as I put her down she would wake up. Finally at 9, after putting her down for the second time without success, I put her down wide awake, turned out the lights and walked out of the room. I had no intention of letting her cry herself to sleep because I think she is way to young for that, but I needed a break. I walked downstairs and started blogging, watching the monitor the whole time. If she started to get really upset I would go up there and try and put her to sleep again.  Well, turns out, she hung out in her bed for about 30 minutes, then fell asleep!  She kept waking up a few times here and there, but never crying. She ended up waking up at 10 right when we were getting ready for bed, I went in and nursed her and put her down again semi awake and she fell asleep on her own.


Tuesday night (starting at 8), Erik gave her a bath and I nursed her for about an HOUR, before I put her down. Well that isn’t entirely true, I put her down once after about 30 minutes, and she woke up right away, so I kept feeding her.  Eventually she just kept pulling away, because she was full.  I didn’t really want her to get used to being rocked to sleep, so I put her in her bed wide awake, hoping she would fall asleep on her own again.  I was totally convinced she was going to wake up, but she put herself to sleep. She slept until almost FOUR!!!! Now I’m not sure if she is sleeping more because she has ANOTHER cold, but she is sleeping which means I am sleeping.


Wednesday night (starting at 8), Erik gave her a 2 oz bottle, put her in her pajamas and then I nursed her until she fell asleep. She was out within 20 minutes, and I put her down and she slept until 10 and woke up every three hours after that.


Thursday and Friday night were the exact same story; up to eat every three hours. Oy!  Thursday and Friday during the day all she wanted to do was eat eat eat. She is obviously going through her Eight week growth spurt. 20150325_175328She also discovered her hands this week and has been sucking on them.


Hopefully we move through this growth spurt pretty quickly because I am sooo tired. Oh ya almost forgot, I feel like she almost rolled over yesterday. She might roll over a lot sooner than Liam did.


Alright enough jibber jabber for today. I hope everyone has a great day!

8 weeksCheers!



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