Honest Diapers and Wipes review

Hello friends!

I know I owe you all a TON of blog posts, I have a few in mind and now that I am going back to work and will have to pump 100 times a day, I will have time to put together some posts and type them up when I get home at night. Today I wanted to write a little review on Honest Diapers. This is NOT a paid review and the company has not reached out to me to do this review. I am doing this simply because I can and I want to. ha

I got a sweet diaper cake from my coworkers at my baby shower at work from the Honest company’s website and I was so stoked to check them out. The designs on the diapers are so so so cute, but really that is where the appeal ends for me. The diapers were size 1 diapers so I waited a few weeks before we used them. No biggie.

Once I opened the diapers to use them, I hated them. Unlike the Pampers Swaddlers these diapers were really rough and stiff. Personally for a newborn I want a diaper that is soft and “pillow like”. I will give it to the company the diapers are thick, but they are just too stiff for me to put on my new baby. Speaking of thick, you would expect them to be able to absorb a lot since they are a thicker diaper, but that was not the case.

We were at my mom’s house and I had one last diaper in the diaper bag, so we used it. We got home about 30-40 minutes after I had changed her diaper and she was soaking wet. I’m not even sure why because when we took the diaper off it wasn’t even that wet.

I was so disappointed with these diapers, which is a shame because I really love the Honest Company’s bath products so I had high hopes for these diapers. I also found that the wipes were a little too rough for a newborn baby’s delicate skin.Β  They smelled really nice and I would probably use them for Liam, but for a newborn, too rough.

So all in all, I was a little disappointed with these diapers and wipes. I think I will stick to my pampers swaddlers for Quinn and my target diapers for Liam!

Anyone else use Honest Diapers and have an opinion they would like to share?

I hope everyone has a great day!



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