9 Weeks!

Hello friends!

I promise I am working on her 2 month post, but for now our little princess is 9 weeks old!

10435067_10103360216560933_2073564711895983904_nI cannot believe she is already 9 weeks old. I go back to work this week, and I can hoping the transition isn’t too difficult.20150331_145104

Daytime sleep has been going well, I’ve noticed she sleeps better in the mornings; I think that has a lot to do with how much milk she is getting per feeding. I assume she takes in about 5-6 oz in her first “morning” feeding. I will know more once I go back to work and start pumping.  I hope to find out how much milk I am producing throughout the day.

11102998_10103349684836593_3831695456940381290_nShe has sort of developed her own napping schedule and has been sticking to the 1.5 hour magic number awake time.  The afternoons (after 2pm) are the worst times for naps.  I wonder if it is a milk issue.  I think I will start drinking my mother’s milk tea in the afternoons to see if that helps boost my afternoon milk production.11050853_10103360326690233_8993228252106261783_nAs you can see she wore her first dresses this week and was quite happy about it. Actually the first green dress… every time I put it on her, she has a blowout so I have to take it off. I’m going to have to start waiting until after she poops to put nice clothes on her for the day. Her awake times are becoming more fun. She reacts to our faces and voices, making it feel less of a one sided conversation.20150330_121419

This week she had her 2 month check up, and it went well, for the most part. Just like Liam, her 2 month shots were awful. I even made it a point to rub her legs for a long time, but it didn’t matter. She was hurting really badly and screamed for most of afternoon ever time she moved her legs. She finally calmed down around 9pm and passed out until around 3am. Poor baby. I have no idea what I could have done differently.

Sigh. Well that is all I have for you all today, OH other than Liam and Quinn’s weekly comparison picture…11050710_10103360214774513_6661602066313909141_nI think they are starting to look more like brother and sister 🙂 Don’t you?

I love my little goofballs!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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