Postpartum weight loss check in- 10 weeks

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! I am exhausted, Quinn did NOT sleep last night. She kept waking up wanting to eat but would only be able to stay awake to eat a little bit. I think we are going to go back to feeding her 2 oz before I nurse her at night to see if that helps because I really cannot function on 2-3 hours of sleep.

Anyway, I told you I would check in with weight loss update today. As of today I am officially back down to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I still have about 16 more pounds to go to get back down to my pre-Liam weight but I am well on my way. In 10 weeks I have lost a little over 29 lbs.

IMG_20150409_084810I am really proud of myself. Don’t think for one second that it has been all sunshine and butterflies though. I’ve struggled A LOT and worked my butt off to get to where I am today.

20150410_090621(1) Trying to stay active with two kinds, a house, a hubby and a full time job is really hard. Having a supportive husband helps A LOT.  He encourages me to workout when I am not in the mood, and I always makes me feel better. I just finished week 6 of P90x3 and I feel amazing.

20150403_101636I am also one month into the Paleo “diet” and I cannot say enough good things about it. Erik has been doing semi-paleo and even he has felt a difference with his digestion and overall well being. In fact, yesterday was a prime example, he was really hungry at work so he went to Giant and got a bag of Chex mix and last night he was hurting.  He kept saying how badly his stomach hurt after he ate the chex mix.  I guess we now know that his body does not like processed foods.

We have also been discovering new recipes and foods we never would have thought to try. For example, this scallion pancake recipe is one of our favorites and neither of us is a huge fan of cauliflower. Try it here. It is amazing and I could eat it everyday. A few weeks ago I made this delicious flank steak recipe.

20150315_173845 20150315_173328And just last weekend I took my friend Sarah’s advice and made banana and egg pancakes,

20150405_072039Other than that my typical breakfast looks like this

20150317_070841Egg with some sort of meat in it with a side of berries. Snacks are a little harder for me but I am getting better at it. I’ve made a few batches of these Ah-maze-balls and they are gone within the week.

20150320_092906 20150320_094856My favorite thing to snack on… 20150403_071516I cannot get enough of them recently. Thank goodness we are going into berry season.

Okay enough rambling, I will try and be better at taking pictures so I can post them here. But for now, enjoy your weekend!


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