12 Weeks

Hello friends!

Checking in with Quinn’s 12 week post!

DSC_0254She has finally hit the 12 lb mark. I say finally because Liam hit that 12 lb mark at 2 months!

12 Weeks1She is eating and SLEEPING well! We even got three nights of seven hours of continuous sleep!  It was amazing.

We also started putting her in the bumbo this week to strengthen her neck even more.

DSC_0354She seems to like it a lot. We only keep her in there for a maximum of 3 minutes if that, but she likes it when she is in there. Tummy time on the other hand is meh at best. Liam tries to encourage her but she isn’t having it.

20150423_184935She does love her exercise  mat. It’s the same one we used with Liam but she seems WAY more into it. She absolutely loves the flashing lights and music. Liam was showing her all the different animals on it the other day. 20150423_184725 20150423_184612We are still loving our hands, and will put both of them in her mouth so far that she gags herself most of the time. What a goober

20150426_093611 20150426_093552 20150425_081612She also laughed for the first time this week. She has always done a half laugh/squeal thing but this was a real giggle. I can’t seem to get her to do it long enough to actually take a video of it, but I am sure I will capture it soon.

Let’s see what else…. OH YA! She is already trying to sit up! When we put her in the boppy lounger (which she hates by the way) she will use her core to pull herself halfway up. Picture a baby doing crunches, that’s what we have going on over here. Things are going to get interesting around our house verrrry soon!  I can’t wait!

20150425_170519Alright. I leave you with a cute video of our late night laughs!

Have a great day!



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